Transfers and the Book of Mormon challenge!


Got to help set up for Trick or Treat Town!


Super cute fundraiser they do for the Boys and Girls club here!


Well kids, it’s already that time again–TRANSFERS! But don’t worry–we’re both staying! Like we assumed we would, but still, in case you were wondering, you get to hear about six more weeks of adventures in the Inlet View Ward!


Alright, so I don’t have quite as many cool stories as last week, but I do have one overall super cool one that lasted all week–and hopefully will keep going! There’s a part in PMG that talks about praying to have a great vision of how to use the Book of Mormon in your area, and well, that sounds like a pretty good idea, so I did it! And we’ve gotten the coolest answers ever!


The Bishopric issued a challenge before we got here to read the Book of Mormon everyday up until Christmas. I mean how cool, finishing the Book of Mormon on Christmas Day? Yep, brilliant. Well, each Sunday we’ve been discussing how we can get more people involved in it, and it finally hit me that DUH, we should help out! We’re constantly seeing the members and talking to them with dinners and everything, so why not make that our main spiritual thought every time? So we did, and it’s been WONDERFUL.


Ever lesson we had this week except like 3 was all about the Book of Mormon and inviting them to join in on the challenge. Depending on who it was and what we felt they needed, we’d talk about how important it is, or we’d start reading with them, or ask them what they’d learned from their reading and we’d usually share something that we’d learned that morning from our reading as well. And guys, the spirit in our lessons has been INCREDIBLE! Every single one has been wonderful and the people in our area, less-active and active are feeling excited about reading the Book of Mormon!


The coolest thing behind all of this are the blessings that are going to come. Our mission has really worked on active member lessons and helping people share the gospel with their friends, and we’ve had some success stories, but it still hasn’t taken off the way we’d hoped. Well, the reason our Bishopric is pushing this so much is because of a quote that goes something like this, “We try and raise sacrament attendance numbers and baptism numbers, but if every member reads the Book of Mormon, those numbers will go up automatically”. Basically, as the members experience greater conversion, sharing the gospel will come naturally.


All in all, it’s a very exciting time here and we can’t wait to see what else comes! And I hope if anything this helps get all of you excited about reading the Book of Mormon too! I love that book to death and love receiving insights and revelation from it everyday and KNOW reading it everyday is one of the best spiritual life lines we can hold onto. (:


Alrighty, well, I love you all, hope you have a great week, and that you are able to be super HAPPY this week. I read a talk today that mentioned that Satan’s whole objective is to make us miserable, which sounds quite the opposite of happiness to me. So I hope you can beat him off and choose to be HAPPY, cuz that’s the whole reason we’re here!




Sister Harrison

We got WEBBED!


So, the Elders have this little toy Yoda they keep in their truck, and when we got here we heard it was tradition for the sisters to steal said Yoda. Well, after going back and forth a bit, we finally got him back–but the Elders are a little to creative. After church, we got to our car and found THIS with Yoda gone. Craziest part? I MADE SURE I LOCKED THE CAR. So, if anyone has any good ideas on how to get them back, we’re totally open for it, by all means. 🙂



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