through small and simple things GREAT things WILL be brought to pass!



Happy Halloween!


Mom, the tights were a HIT! 🙂

Oh my, what a crazy week! Kind of tough, but you gotta have the hard weeks to more fully recognize the blessings! We had a lot of cancellations, so that was a little rough, but we kept pushing on!

Tuesday was crazy with transfers! I’ve never been serving in Anchorage for it before so they had to use our help a lot more, picking up people, housing people, and cooking dinner for the departing missionaries . Crazy!

Then the rest of the week we mostly were just able to be friends with each other and laugh through each cancelled appointment, especially the day where all six lessons cancelled, and we were able to see cool tender mercies where we were really able to help people. We didn’t have quantity, but we had quality. Listed to a less-active pray for an hour and a half. So interesting listening to those deep desires of a stranger. Helped teach a 14 year old boy why reading the Book of Mormon matters. Got to help some people feel super awesome about just going out to dinner with each other. And of course, read even more of the Book of Mormon and feel the power and peace that brings into our lives.

Sorry this is short, but there are miracles everywhere. My main message from Heavenly Father this week was about through small and simple things GREAT things WILL be brought to pass!Just smile and love people, and that will bring miracles. 🙂

Love you! Sister Harrison


LIFESIZE Book of Mormon!


And I met Pikachu!


And my fav…Captain America!




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