Fam Bam! Hello!

We had a super week! Well, at least better than last week! (: I’ll try and squeeze in the highlights!

The weather has been FANTASTIC! That’s probably the biggest miracle. It’s November and since that one time there’s been no snow! Even today it’s just in the 40’s! And it’s great because each day we wake up expecting snow, so when it does come it won’t be a disappointment, but for now, it’s just a blessing to have each day so beautiful and warm! Very opposite of last winter. (:

We had a GREAT time doing family history with our two recent converts. The one was able to find a WHOLE bunch of her family members, all ripe and ready for baptism! The other has been SO excited to print her sons name out so she can have the work done for him this coming Tuesday, and we were able to help her get it all ready to go! It feels SO good to sit down and really help people have eternal salvation. I’ve definitely learned the joy of family history lately. Still trying to figure out how I can do it for our family since  a lot of the work has been done already and I get super confused, but getting to help people who haven’t had any of it done–it’s a JOY!

Tuesday night we had a super intense ward correlation. I’m not sure how to explain it, but there was just this intense feeling about the work that we can do in this ward. It took us a bit of time to sort how we were feeling out afterwards, but it left us motivated!

We got to eat dinner at Golden Corral with the most ADORABLE returning member!  And we had a super awesome waiter who loved us and so we all invited him to church! He didn’t come, but it was so fun to see our member SO excited and happy to be sharing the gospel. 🙂

We also got the best text of our LIFE!! We heard a lady singing next door to one of our less-actives we were trying to visit a couple weeks ago and knocked and told her we loved the way she sounded. We gave her our card and to text us if she ever wanted happy inspirational thoughts. Well, she texted us and said she’d like them! And then a couple days later said she wanted to meet with us! She’s checking her schedule and is going to let us know a good time we can meet! We know she felt the spirit and it’s working in her to prompt her to contact us! So much singing and dancing with these little texts. (:

Just last night we had another HUGE miracle. Whitewashing the area was a little tough on some families and there was one family in particular. She was baptized a year ago and loves the gospel, but her husband was really against the missionaries coming. Sister Lind and Sister Watts were able to break the ice and be allowed in their home, but once they left, he changed his mind. Well, best news ever, last night Sister Kiliona texted us and said that her husband said we could come!! He hasn’t even met us so I’m hoping it’s more for spiritual reasons and the decision will be more lasting. But hey, we’ll take even a visit! Our prayers are being answered and his heart is softening!

Last miracle I have time for–Bishop works a lot with the homeless. It’s so cool. So he called us as personal study was ending the other day and said he had a friend on the phone who wanted to hear some truths. So we taught her that God loves her, no matter what. We heard a noise on the other end of the phone and then Bishop started talking again and said that she’d fallen to her knees in tears. He called us later and said that her main question was, “How did she know?”. How did I know what she needed to hear right then? Because I am a representative of Jesus Christ and have been set apart to teach his gospel with POWER and AUTHORITY. It’s REAL and can change lives, even with a simple truth.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week and I love you SO much!

Love, Sister Harrison


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