Thanksgiving and transfers around the corner

We were SO blessed this week and I hope this little email can give you a glimpse of some of the miracles we saw, and maybe even give you a tiny feel of what each one meant to me.

Tuesday night we felt like we really needed to go deliver a little pie to a less-active. When we got there, we realized she was a DNC-do not contact. We decided to drop it off anyway, and then hid around the corner of the building. While we were waiting to hear the door open, we saw a man smoking, and figured we could say hello. We did, and it turned out his whole family are members! He just hasn’t gotten baptized because he wants to make sure he could be really commited before making the decision. Well, we ended up having a WONDERFUL conversation about the atonement and how he’s more prepared than we realize. There were little tears in his eyes and the spirit was SO strong. Such a cool experience.

Wednesday was Zone Conference and Soldotna zone came up too, so I got to see so many of my buddies! That night we had a lesson with one of our favorite less-actives in the home of one of our favorite members. AND the less-active brought her boyfriend. Before we shared our thought, we asked him if he knew anything about the church. My jaw DROPPED when he said he’d gone to seminary all four years of high school and almost got baptized and went on a mission. Oh my. SO COOL. And our members rocked it. They invited them over for FHE AND challenged him to read the Book of Mormon. SO cool. Also, sneak peek–she ended up coming to church on Sunday!!

Thanksgiving!! Oh, where do I start?? We went to five dinners and saw a bunch of other people in between. Got to help so many people and were SO happy. Found some cool potential investigators, and got to have a lesson with the DNC less-active from earlier! Miracles and blessings left and right! Thanksgiving JUST might tie Fourth of July on my mission. SO GOOD.

Friday was exchanges! Had a really cool lesson with one lady. I’ve run into SO many people on my mission who open up and vent about EVERYTHING hard going on in life. It’s a bit draining, so this time we had her write down a list of all her worries and troubles and people she’s concernced about, and even added a few of our own, and then we had her pray for all of those things. It was about a ten minute long prayer, but this time she was talking about all of her frustrations to God, who can help much more than us! It was really neat. And, I just love Sister Morrison, so it was great. (:

Saturday we got to meet with Jack again–our incredible investigator from a few weeks before. It’s crazy how much he reminds me of my buddy Justin Gallo! He’s so awesome and is one of the most invested investigators I’ve taught. Which always works so much better. He came to church the next day and loved it. Happy, happy. (:

Well kids, transfer calls this week, and the ward Christmas party. Happy birthday Dad! I’ll be celebrating with you via the ward party! Convenient, huh?

Love you all lots and hope you have a fantastic week! Remember to check out and share the video, light, and happiness of this season with everyone!


Anchorage North


Anchorage North Zone conference


Thanksgiving District Lunch










So…everything was going great, and the Turnagain Ward elders got the chicken and everything. Then we got there the day of–someone had stolen our chicken!! We were so sad and disappointed, and you know me with my high expectations, I was pretty bummed. THEN, the Elder who’s birthday that we did this all for LEFT! I was so sad!

Well…finally a bit later him and his comp came back–WITH CHICKEN! Haha, I know cheesiest story, but it meant SOO much to me! And having people support me in my silly excited ideas–oh man, seriously made my day.

And thanks mom for sending the rest. It was SUPER delicious! 🙂






We ate dinner at City Diner–Sister Thacker’s been wanting to go forever! And some random guy wanted to photobomb. Party



Brother Feltner’s leaving for three weeks, right during transfers, so we had to take a pic just in case! yes, we’re all goofs.



I carved the Turkey!! Whoo!


Cute Kiana Peterson and Bishop Photobombing.



Last dinner for the day on Thanksgiving!

Got to go to five, but luckily only had to eat at two!



Exchanges with Sis Morrison! This lady we taught has a HUGE table covered in candy and she makes you fill up a GALLON sized bag with some of EVERTYHING. Whew!






Huge Gingerbread city!

We’re supposed to pass out 10 ‘He is the Gift’ cards each day, so we heard about this and thought that might be a good place to find people excited about Christmas. Well, there weren’t a ton of people, but we met the maker, Joe Hickle and he was awesome! He gave us a piece of a fence to eat and once we talked about Christ, he was so excited and gave all the credit for what he was doing to God. Super cool! And well, just look at it! It’s all made out of candy somehow or other!







Sister Harrison



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