Our cute district!




Guys, guys, guys, guys, GUYS! And girls. This week has been SO incredible!


First off–TRANSFER calls! Sister Thacker is heading over to Jewel Lake to serve with Sister Honey. It’s been SO cool to watch and help her grow her first three months, and  see the transformation and I’m grateful she’ll still be in Anchorage so we can still see each other and she can come to JACK’S BAPTISM!! And yes, I will be staying, and probably for my next two transfers! Not sure who my companion is yet, but she gets here today so I’ll send pics and details next week! Super crazy knowing where I’ll finish a transfer in advance, but I’m really excited to finish in this ward because there’re some INCREDIBLE things happening.


First–JACK’S getting baptized! He’s so excited for it and so incredible. He’s SO in tune with the spirit and is SO happy. He even bore a little testimony at the ward Christmas party! So cool to watch and be a part of the atonement working to change someone’s life. 🙂 Pray for him!!


My other favorite miracle was probably Rick Ford. Sister T and I were both having an off day and just did not feel motivated to do anything and no one felt right to try to see. So we pulled over and said a prayer. When I looked up we saw a guy sweeping snow off the sidewalk. That looked kind of odd so I thought we could go ask him what he was doing. So we asked and it turned out he was ALSO having an unmotivated day and was stalling work, so we had a GREAT conversation that ended up with him wanting a Book of Mormon. Oh my, it was one of the happiest street contacting moments. I love tender mercies like that. Such good testimony builders and more motivational than anything else. 🙂


The Christmas party was fantastic! We had so many people come and the spirit was so warm and welcoming. 🙂


Last miracle–two/three weeks ago we met with Justin, the one who it turned out he’d almost gotten baptized before. Well, he’s read the book of Mormon EVERYDAY since then  and came to CHURCH yesterday to talk with BISHOP because he wants to be BAPTIZED!!! He’s incredible and he said it all started that night we met with him!! He’s not technically in our area, but we’re so happy to help in any way we can!


Okay, I’m out of time, but I hope you have the best week ever and feel the wonderful spirit of Christ that’s in abundance everywhere at this time–and then go share it!!!


Love, Sister Harrison




P1070196 - Copy

I was so proud I parked in the lines, even when it was covered in snow!



Our ward Christmas party!







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