One wild, crazy adventurous week!





Had a grand old time shopping with some of our district elders last Monday. So random shopping with Elders of all people, but super fun too!



We finally got all of us in with the giant Christmas tree!



Goodbye to Sister Thacker!! (with Yoda of course)




Baby Christmas pickle! So Cute!

Wow, this week has been one wild, crazy adventure! For the most part we just did adjusting stuff. Learning how to text on our phone, how to do missionary work, all that good stuff. 🙂 It’s been a little tough for me to have to slow down so much when I just want to go full speed ahead, but God knows the desires of our hearts and we were SO blessed!


We went ‘Referral Finding’ at this one area I’ve been wanting to go to for a while and the first door we found a member who’s lived here for four years but has been to scared to call and find the church! She’s getting surgery next week, so we’re going to help her get a blessing! Miracle! We also got to teach basically the whole Restoration to a guy named Peter. He didn’t really want to learn more, but it was cool to get to share so much truth with him! It’s so odd to me but I am really starting to LOVE tracting! So weird!!


Sunday was fantastic! We had SO many people come, including the cutest potential investigator family–bah! Love them! We also found out one of our other potentials had read 300 pages of the Book of Mormon and has LOTS of questions for us. Whoo! We also had an investigator come who’s super spotty. He came late so no one was sitting by him. I was praying and trying to figure out who we could send over, when all of the sudden one of our less-active members we’ve been working with came in, and chose to sat by him! Awesome! And later the investigator called and said he wants to make this his religion! Sweet! Of course then he told us he’s moving to Hawaii at the end of the month, but still we helped! 🙂


So yeah, miracles happening left and right, changes all around, and sharing He is the Gift with everyone and their dog! It was great! Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season!


Love, Sister Harrison 


Trainer-Trainee pics!

P1070251 P1070263 P1070264 P1070269 P1070271

Sister Hart’s lineage!


Good bye to my buddies!



More goodbyesP1070288

I was so proud of these planners I made! The one on the left is mine, and the one on the right is Sis B’s.


Pretty AK!



Greenie dinner!


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