We Get Light Back!









And Gorgeous sunset/rise…not sure which one. 🙂

Best news of the week–WE GET LIGHT BACK! Yep, we made it to December 21st, the winter solstice, so we’re going to be getting 5-9 (no one seems to be able to agree on exactly how much) minutes of sunlight back EVERY DAY. Yep folks, we’re getting ready to walk in the light. That day was also my ‘Sweet Sixteen’ which is so super weird. But hey, things just get brighter from here!

Alright, thanks for putting up with my cheesiness. (: I LOVE Christmas time on a mission and am SO grateful I got two. People are so receptive and there’s so many extra things you can do to help people feel loved–caroling, treats, He is the Gift cards, all of it. And just the extra little bit of God’s love you feel. “There’s a little bit of Heaven everywhere!”.

We got to go help out at a Salvation Army ‘Blessing’ project. People could go ‘shopping’ to get a toy or two for their kiddos, as well as some food and then all of us missionaries were there to help carry their stuff to their cars. It was so fun and we got to meet so many people.

Sister Bangerter got sick one day, so I got to make those cookies you sent Mom and we took them to people that night! I love having an excuse to randomly serve.

Had a great lesson with Jack! He’s SO superb. Thanks for keeping him in your prayers!!

That pretty much covers the highlights of the week. And then of course in between all that there’s the tough moments, the tired moments, the lessons that cancel, and all that stuff that isn’t always the most fun to muddle through, and yet, all of those moments are such a big part of my mission too. It’s usually during those times I feel God’s love most, probably because I start praying more earnestly and fully for a little bit more love, or strength, or peace, or patience. And it comes, just a little bit at a time, just enough to keep me going, but also little enough to keep me reliant on Christ. I’m SO grateful for Him and the help I receive ALL THE TIME. I could NOT do this without Him and will always be so grateful for the trust and faith I’m developing. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love you!

Sister Harrison

P1070301The Olson’s!


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