Christmas! And Happy New Years!








We went to visit a less active and they’d cut an extra little Christmas tree for their friends who didn’t want it, so they gave it to us!




District Caroling!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Ours was pretty good!

We had an incredible lesson with a less-active young women and family. We showed He is the Gift and I had a specific question come to mind that I needed to ask them. I asked, “What does Christ mean to you?”. And they sat there. And sat there. And we had the coolest spiritual silence where you could SEE the spirit working in her helping her feel something wonderful and different. She finally admitted that she just had a lot of doubts, so we were able to help address that a little bit. It was SO cool to watch the spirit work in someone like that! “We are the conduits of the light, we are not the light”.

Christmas Eve and Day we just visited with lots of people! There was just a good happy feeling all around, and people were all so happy and nice. (: Skyping was SO weird! It just felt like a crazy dream, but it was great getting to say hello and chat in person a bit. (:

Saturday we had a MIRACLE! The night before the Elders texted us to see if we wanted to go to a lesson with a recent convert and her sons, who aren’t members currently. Absolutely! So we went and had a grand lesson with a WONDERFUL spirit and they drank everything right up! The best part, one of her daughters was there too! SO, we have THREE new investigators! Ah! So cool! They all came to church Sunday and in Relief Society, the daughter asked some AWESOME questions about family history and temples. By chance the person who was supposed to be teaching couldn’t make it, so someone else had to, and she happened to be an awesome return missionary, so she could totally answer the questions well for her! Miracles, I tell ya.

The best part, we were adding up our key indicators for the week and realized we’d set a goal for three new investigators! I remember when we were setting that goal talking about saying 1 or 2 new ones, but feeling like we needed to say three. The spirit really does talk to us and tell us what we can do to grow! It was great. (:

So that’s our happy little week in summary. (: Happy, happy New Year’s, and I’ll talk to you next year!

Sister Harrison 🙂




P1070380 P1070379



Got Yoda back!


White Christmas district party! P1070359

6:30 AM Christmas present opening! Way to much enthusiasm for that early.


My blanket! Love it!

P1070350 District matching Christmas outfits! P1070336

District Subway Christmas lunch (they finally made me go OUT to eat for once, but just for Christmas)


District bowling!

2014-12-21 19.23.04

Love, Sister Harrison


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