The one benefit of things getting dark so early–gorgeous 4pm sunsets. 🙂

Oh my, what a ROLLER COASTER week! Some tough downs, but some INCREDIBLE ups.

Jack–He’s been going through a tough time, but he finally decided to go through some hard stuff in order to get to a better place–and now he’s pretty much back to his normal, happy self! So happy. And NOW his commitment is even BIGGER and BETTER and he’s really striving and wanting to become a man of God. (:

Phil, Mogi and Joey–Oh my, I love these guys! We had a great lesson and they each made a soft commitment to baptism! Joey came to Elder’s Q B-Ball Thursday night! Then we found out they actually live in a different ward. 😦 But then Mogi and Joey came with Sister Shepard to church clean up!! Then they didn’t come to church. Until the last five minutes and then they made it!!

Please tell me you caught onto some of the ups and downs there. We’re still figuring out what to do about them living somewhere else…I’m just praying for them to move into our ward for now. (:

Heather was a HUGE up. We got a referral for her with a Book of Mormon request on Well, then we were looking at our ward roster and saw her name! She was a Do Not Contact! But we took it to her and she’s had a TOTAL change of heart and wants to read the Book of Mormon, come to church and go to the temple! HUGE miracle! She came to church and I think had a good time. 🙂

Katie! We met with her a couple weeks ago and she came to church, then things got a little crazy with the holiday’s, so we weren’t able to meet with her again till this week–but we did, and it went great! We had an awesome lesson, and we invited her to be baptized and she said yes and wants her daughter to be baptized too! Whoo! So cool! Then she called and said her sister just moved here from Hawaii and wanted to come to church. So they both came! We wished we could have done a little more prep with her sister cuz she was pretty tired, and stressed, but it worked out okay in the end!

We also were able to meet with some people we’ve been trying to see for a while and were able to have really good lessons with them. Good stuff happening! I can’t believe this transfers almost over. Time seriously goes SO FAST!! But it’s great and I love it!

I think my favorite thought I had this week was the feeling of loving challenges. I don’t know if loving is really the right word for it, but I think I saw some greater meaning to the need for my challenges and that without them, life would be kind of boring. It’s hard feeling discouraged or sad or unprofitable, but it also is better than feeling kind of blah and not doing anything. And you just get to feel extra close to the Savior during those times.

Hope that makes some sense, but basically I’m really grateful for the underlying peace the Savior and his gospel brings to me, even in the hard times. 🙂

Have a super week!

Love, Sister Harrison


Dippin’ Dots or Snow?


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