Sometimes the trees get all frosted over and look GORGEOUS!!


Oh my, this week was AMAZING! EVERY day was full of something amazing happening and I feel SO overwhelmingly BLESSED.

I don’t even know where to start. We got to meet with SO many investigators!!

Samantha–Oh my she’s so cute! We finally got to teach her again, and she came to church! She really enjoyed it!

Cemoni!!!–We finally got to have another lesson with her and she’s SO prepared!! Just can’t come to church cuz of work. But we’ll find a way!!

Jack–Met with him a BUNCH and he loved the letter from the fam. Thanks guys!

Phil, Joey, and Mogi! They’re doing so good, but are in a different ward we found out. So we’ve been helping them transition and are still loving and helping them any way we can.(:

ANDY!! Guys, SO COOL! We oymed this guy a couple of weeks ago, and it was amazing how it happened, but we kind of figured we’d never see him again. Well, guess who walked into church yesterday!? Yep, Andy did! I talked to him later and he said that he wanted to come to show me that every seed planted was worth it. Wow, I think HE helped me more than we helped him! Luckily, he was at God’s true church, so I know he felt the spirit and we’re going to keep in better contact now!

ZABEEBA! Alright, so a couple weeks ago, some members in our ward helped fix her car by just touching it–don’t know if anyone remembers that story. So we tried meeting with her a couple times bet nothing ever happened. Well, finally, by some miracle happenstance we ended up meeting with her! She’s Muslim and was SHOCKED by the fact that we have a LIVING prophet! It was so cool and she had us come back later that day to tell her friend! Her friend wasn’t actually that interested, but we got to eat some awesome Ethiopian food with them! Cool stuff. 🙂

Brian! We had dinner with a less-active and her friend was there. We were able to tell him a little bit about the church and he said that he’d be okay hearing more sometime. Yaya! God is preparing people left and right!

Jessica–We’ve been dropping by this returning member couple once every week, and usually end up just saying hi, nothing huge. Well, Last night she called crying and said she needed a blessing. We were able to get one and help her out. It was so cool to see that even stopping by helped her know we were there for her so she could call us when she needed help!

Nancy! Alright, we have another returning member who’s been struggling lately, so we stopped by and had a great lesson with her. Her friend was there cleaning and as we were leaving, she asked if we had any books with information about the church. YES! We ended up teaching her the restoration and part of plan of salvation, and it turns out she was baptized at eight and finally wants to come back! Our returning member was sobbing she was so happy. She’s been praying for this for so long!

The Trents. These two might be some of my favs.They are growing and changing so much as they’ve started applying the gospel. Living the gospel really does change us!

Okay, I don’t know if you can fully feel how big or amazing those miracles are, but for US they were huge and we feel SO, so blessed.

I’ve also felt that a lot of these have been in answer to so many prayers, not just ours, so thank you so much for the prayers you’ve been sending up for us and our wonderful little people.


Have a fantastic week!!


Love, Sister Harrison


Sister B and I barely ever take pics together so I made us take some.



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