I just love these people!


District Family Pics!

Oh my, SO MUCH! I just love these people.

Justin!!! We got to meet with him for a minute, even though he’s in a different ward. He LOVED the letter from the fam, and it was PERFECT timing for some of the stuff he’s going through. His baptismal date is currently February 28, so please keep him in your heart and prayers!

Joey, Mogi and Phil–I love these guys. They’re so funny. We actually get to go meet with them, right after this! My favorite miracle with them–so I’ve been praying for them to move into our ward, just if it’s in the plan! Well, during our lesson the other day, they said that they got evicted! Ah! I almost died! Then they said they were taking care of it though, and they were actually going to stay. God really does answer prayer, in his own way! πŸ™‚ Also, we taught them a commandment last week that they weren’t to pumped about, and we wanted to teach them more about it, but we don’t have much time before their baptismal date on the 31st. Well, lo and behold, the lesson in Gospel Principles was on the same commandment! Wahoo! “They are in the hands of the Lord of the Harvest”!

Brett!!! Okay, so this guy’s brilliant! His wife’s a member and we LOVE her, and we’ve been trying to get through to him for a while. Finally he asked his wife for a Book of Mormon, we took it by and he FINISHED the whole thing within like 2 days. We finally got to have dinner with them this week to follow up and have our first lesson with him! The spirit was SO strong and he was RIVETED. I LOVE when people have their hearts open enough to let the spirit be there so strong. We do the best we can to invite it–and we usually feel it–but there’s such a difference when their open to it as well.

Oh! One night we didn’t know what to do, so we said a little prayer and a family popped in my head. We went over and said hello and shared a thought about Book of Mormon reading as a family. They told us that they’ve been slacking a bit there and were so grateful we came by. Then they told us they are RARELY home before nine anymore, so that fact we caught them that night was a miracle! Thank you spirit!

Monday night was fantastic! We finally got to visit with a little ten year old less-active. Their babysitter let us come in, but she kept cleaning and doing dishes, and we watched The Restoration. Things were a little crazy because no adult was helping them stay focused, but finally we got to the part when Joseph prays. The cute little girl, Cailey, sat down next to me, and I whispered that this was the best part. She got really still and then whispered back, “Oh! Is God coming?” She was so in tune and watched that whole scene so reverently, and afterwards said, “Oh yes, I like that part. That is the best part,” and then went back to playing with stuff. The gospel is SO true, and so cool to see the power it can have in anyone’s life, even a four-year-old.

I also made a new best friend this week! His name’s Ezra Taft Benson. I started reading his SS book, and I LOVE him and his cute wife! They have the cutest story and his teachings are SO powerful! I know this church is led and guided by living prophets–fantastic, good men called of God to show us how to receive all of God’s blessings. And having prophets is one of them!

Most of all, I’m go grateful for all the fantastic people in my life. Whether it’s my friends in the scriptures, from home, missionary buds, orΒ from my areas–and of course my family!–the people we have around us are able to bring some of the BEST blessings into our lives. Especially our loving, kind, wonderful Heavenly Father.

Love you all and have a fantastic week!


Sister Harrison πŸ™‚


Cute Pinata from Sister J!

J-A-K Β I-N-S!! Jakins, jakins, we want JAKINS! πŸ™‚


Our ‘Mighty Fortress’

Yoda. I may have gotten a little bored watching ‘The District’ during 12 Week. πŸ™‚



Funeral Dinner

We had a funeral dinner for Elder Williams at the Dennis’ and they died everything BLACK. It looked pretty nasty, but was really funny and creative. We also were planning on giving Yoda to Elder Williams, and some of the investigators and members got really excited about the idea and this giant box was the result! As well as like 20 boxes inside of it. Haha, it got a little anti-climatic, but hey, what can ya do? πŸ™‚



P-Day Adventures!

Since we couldn’t do EM’s we had a crazy district adventure including Outback Steakhouse (we had a member give us a bunch of gift cards for there! Whoo!), ice sculptures (which really didn’t compare to the FBX ones, but hey, it was carved ice in Alaska), shopping, giant chocolate fountains and rock person, and helping the Elders pick out blue matching ties!




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