This week was SO blessed!


I love this beautiful place!!

This week was SO blessed!

First, please pray for Joey, Mogi and Phil! We’re SO excited for their baptism this Saturday, but it’s going to take a few miracles for everything to work out completely–but I know it will!! Especially with all your fantastic prayers!! Joey’s so excited and it’s the cutest thing. Can’t wait!

Jack’s getting baptized on Valentine’s Day! We’re SO excited for him!!

We had SUCH an incredible lesson with Cemoni!! Bishop was able to pick her up so we were able to have a lesson with her at their house, and it was fantastic. She’s the cutest thing and we love her to death. She even said she’d come to church! It didn’t quite work out, but next week!!

Ah, there were so many other miracles and tender mercies that I don’t have time for! I’d say the main thing I felt this week was the BIGGEST outpour of love–on me and our amazing people. No matter how crazy or busy things got, there was the best underlying feeling of peace and gratitude for all of it, and each time something tiny would go so well, you couldn’t help but know God was smiling at us. And my favorite part was that even when things got a little tough for a minute, that feeling of gratitude STAYED! I sure just LOVE being a missionary.

Have an AMAZING week! Love you!

Sister Harrison




Dinner with the Trents! We had chocolate pancakes–aka they dumped in like FIVE packages of hot chocolate mix to the pancake mix!


District photos!


Our singing group! 


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