Sister Bangerter, Joey, Brother Moses, ME!


Eagerly waiting during Joey’s Interview



And confirmed. (:

It was the happiest thing EVER, and since it was such a big deal, we’re gonna go through his whole story.

The first weekend Sister Thacker and I whitewashed here, the Elders asked us to teach the Restoration at their baptism for Sister Sheppard while she was getting changed! I remember standing up there teaching it and seeing Joey sitting in the second to last row and feeling like all of this was for HIM and that he was ready to go for the Gospel in his life. I made sure to talk to him afterwards and he came to church a few Sundays!

Then we had the chance to teach Sis Sheppard her new member lessons, and every lesson we’d always get off topic because she had so many amazing stories about her families hearts softening in little ways. She said she felt a sense of urgency to help them right then.

THEN Sister B’s second weekend here, Sis Sheppard texted the Elders to tell them three of her kids were going to be at her house tomorrow, ready to be taught. Well, the Elders couldn’t make it, so we got to go instead! And there was Joey!! I was SO grateful to get to help teach him.

Joey is AMAZING. I seriously can’t even tell you. He had the STRONGEST faith in Christ from the very beginning. Once he started reading the Book of Mormon, he started reading a chapter every night, and if he didn’t understand it, he’d read it again. He went sober before we even taught the Word of Wisdom, and with a little help and love he quit drinking coffee too–which he’s been drinking since he was 13!! I feel like he is the epitome of faith leading to action, and he has grown SO much in confidence and happiness!!

The baptism itself was FANTASTIC. We had a little scare the day before when one of the members said they’d talked to Sister Sheppard and she said none of her family members was getting baptized. Ah! Luckily we got it all sorted out and Joey was still planning on being baptized. (: The service itself was perfect. From beginning to end the spirit was SO strong and powerful. That was everyone’s main comment afterwards and I’m SO grateful because we’d been praying all week that it would be something powerful and memorable for Joey to always remember. He bore his testimony afterwards–even though he was really nervous too!–and he talked about how he knows the Book of Mormon is true and he learns that more everyday and he knows this church is true. The room was packed full and I know that meant a lot to him. (:

The confirmation was also awesome. Mogi had found him a blue collared shirt and tie just for it. We’d been kind of worried helping him transition over to Airport Heights ward, but everyone talked to him in their testimonies about how excited they were for him and what a great decision he’d made and helped him feel so loved and included. Another prayer answered!

I asked him how it felt after, and he said it felt really good but he couldn’t explain it. The feeling I got from him was different from before too, and it is hard to explain! The best I can say is that he felt restored I guess. Like he’d finally been able to grow into who he’s always been meant to be. With more confidence and assurance and maturity. It strengthened my testimony of the GIFT of the Holy Ghost so much. (:

Also, Mogi needs some room on here too! She’s the best sister ever and so in tune. She thought about being baptized all last Monday, and she told us that she decided she does want to be baptized, but she wanted to let Joey have his own baptism and give him a chance to shine. She’s been so good and supportive to him. 🙂 So now you can pray for her baptism sometime this month!!

Thank you for all the prayers that helped Joey on his way to baptism! I know they had a huge impact. (:

So that’s the biggest news for the week, but here’s some other fun, quick stories:

There are two ladies in the ward we’re helping get to the temple who called and said they were doing scripture study if we wanted to join! We got there and they were joking about how they felt like it was the blind leading the blind because neither of them could see their scriptures, so we helped them out. How cute to see that even if they can’t see very well, they’re really trying to do what’s right and help each other along the way!

We helped at Project Homeless Connect and we got to volunteer at the ‘Prayer Corner’! Easily the best spot–people could come in and tell you all about their worries, and then you could pray with them. Kind of like the opposite of typical daily missionary work–instead of going out to find them, they just came to us! (: We met the sweetest lady Barbara who cried and cried and it was so easy to pray with so much love and compassion with her!!

So a couple weeks ago I think I told you the story about the YW we met with and I felt like there was a specific question I should share with her…I hope that rings a bell. Well, we had dinner with their family and they are doing AMAZING! Their having family scripture study, the one YW is praying and reading a chapter from BofM and D&C each night and the other is praying and is getting answers! She says that she doesn’t contradict things so much anymore, but is more willing to believe. They both want to go on missions!

Last but not least we had a great lesson with Jack–he’s doing so well right now! He prayed to be able to help someone, and two hours later someone he knew knocked on his door and asked if he could stay with him for a couple weeks before he could get home. Jack said yes! There’s another guy who called him and asked Jack if he could take him to come addiction recovery meetings and give him some support there. Both of these guys are members who haven’t been in quite a while! Jack’s not even a member, but he’s totally living what he’s about to promise to do the rest of his life. He gave the closing prayer and it was so sweet–he even prayed for Joey!

I sure love these people. How’d I get to lucky and blessed to get to meet them and be a part of their lives??

I feel so truly, incredibly blessed this week. By the things that have happened, Joey’s baptism, the hard things I was able to conquer, and just the good feeling that’s been underlying all of it. We got to go to the temple and the best thing I felt was just happy. Content and happy.

And that is what the gospel does!

Love you!!

Sister Harrison

PS Hay Bay, I’m praying so hard for you with your B-Ball stuff! You’re amazing!

 P1070576I broke through the tip of my glove! I am quite proud. 🙂


Still can’t get enough of these sunsets!





New Planners!


Elder Hamilton asked me to make one for him–the theme was ‘Cute’. 🙂




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