Happy Valentine’s Day!


Cool Moon!

In honor of my favorite Holiday, well, one of them, I have to take a second to say I LOVE YOU!!! I’m SO blessed to have you guys in my life and your support has literally made all the difference for my mission. (:

I’m so grateful we have a whole day set aside to celebrate all the people in our lives we love! Especially our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ…which makes me even more excited for Jack’s Baptism this Saturday! What better day to show Christ that you’re willing to follow him than Valentine’s Day?? Even I feel the extra love from God getting to be a tiny part in this whole process. He had his interview last night, so we’re all ready to go! But, please keep praying for him–I know they’re working!

Oh, I also know Brig has State Swim that day and Hay has Region I think? How cool we each are going through such big things together! I’m praying for you guys so much that all goes well! Brigham, I know you’re going to ROCK IT and do SO amazing!! I’ll be there cheering you on in spirit!

Okay, so this week was pretty rockin’. We got to see SO many people–we got in contact in some way or other with everyone we’d been wanting to, especially the people we haven’t been able to get a hold of lately!

We met with Joey and Mogi! He’s still doing so good–he’s actually allergic to alcohol now! Talk about gifts of the spirit! His cousin had been drinking and just smelling the alcohol made him sick he said! And Mogi’s getting excited for the 21st! We had a good dinner with her later in the week–she’s seriously so kind and giving and amazing. I’m so blessed to be around these amazing people!!

We also had a great dinner with a family in our ward with one of our investigators. We’ve been having a hard time teaching the investigator because her son is always a little wild and distracting, but this time the husband was able to take care of the kids and his wife was able to be there with us to share some AMAZING testimonies of how the Gospel helps with being a Mom. Missionary work seriously goes so much better when members help out–and we’re always SO grateful when they do!

And then we got to have an INCREDIBLE lesson with Cemoni! Oh my, I love her SO MUCH! She’s the cutest thing ever. She’d been having a rough day and told us not to come…but we didn’t get that text till we’d knocked on the door, so we got to meet anyway, and it was great because we got to help her with her tough stuff by teaching and testifying of prayer and scripture study. We had the Bishop’s daughter come with us and she did AMAZING–she’s going to be SUCH a powerhouse missionary. She even said that she’d give Cemoni a ride to church! It was so happy and fun to have cute Cemoni there with us on Sunday, and she had a wonderful time. So happy!!

There’s also a lady I love that we haven’t been able to see for a while, and it’s hard to stop by because she lives in a locked building. But we really felt like we needed to see her, so we prayed we’d be able to get in somehow. As soon as we finished praying and got out of the car, a girl parked behind us, and I complimented her on her cute outfit, so we started talking and she was going to the same building as we were, so she let us in! Miracle! We got to see the lady we wanted to and it turned out she’s been stuck in a spiritual slump and we were able to help her feel the spirit and see some good, happy light again. God is so good.

We also almost got a gun pulled on us! Don’t worry, it wasn’t actually anything serious. Our district goes ‘caroling’ every Saturday night to invite people to church the next day, so we went to someone in the Spanish Branch’s area. We got to the house and she wasn’t there, but then her van came pulling up. She’s a single mom and lives in a somewhat sketchy area, so when she heard a bunch of noises coming from near her front door, she made sure she was ready! But once we started singing I am a Child of God, we were all good. (:

Overall it was a great, blessed week and I’m so grateful for all of it! I love being a missionary and thank Heavenly Father so much for each day I have to serve. I love seeing God fulfill his promise that these people are in His hands, and He will raise them up and take care of them (Alma 26:7). I just get the fun part of watching it all unfold!

Love you all!

Sister Harrison

It got SUPER windy this week!




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