My Life and my Light!

Coolest experience ever the other day. Well, I mean lots of them everyday, but I got to Alma 26 in my Book of Mormon reading. That’s always been a great chapter, but more in the motivating me to keep going forward sense. THIS TIME, it was cool reading it from the perspective that Ammon was at–almost at the end. My favorite part was verse 3, when it talks about how the great blessing was being made into an instrument in God’s hand. That can differ depending on who you are, but becoming an instrument for Him is such a great blessing, which connects to my other favorite part, verse 36–“This is my life and my light, my joy and salvation”! I love being a missionary and my last year and a half SO much and I’m SO grateful I have a bit longer still!

That being said, I love the Book of Mormon so much!! I’ve had the best little experiences with it this week giving me the perfect insight, revelation and answers I needed. Just little, small moments, but we know those simple things can have a pretty big impact. (:

Other than that we didn’t have to many crazy things happen since Wednesday! We did get to go on exchanges Friday and it was seriously the best thing ever. Sister Watts is the CUTEST little ray of sunshine and we had the most spiritual day ever. We had so many great lessons where you could tell the spirit was in complete control  and we ALL learned–just the way it’s supposed to be!

And that’s it for this week, sorry it’s so short! But we have an awesome week set up, so I’ll have some good stuff for ya next time. (: Until then, I love you guys SO much and am SO grateful for all your love and support! I seriously couldn’t do any of this without you. I hope you have the most BLESSED week ever as my thanks to you!


Sister Harrison




Bread wars!

Instead of stealing things from each others cars now, we GIVE each other things! Usually we give week old bread that gets donated to the mission office! Party!



Got to go on exchanges with cute Sister Watts!! Love her to death!


I wish that was a peace sign I was holding up, but nope, that’s two fingers meaning TWO fish I’ve killed now! The members we live with have (mm, had) two goldfish, but since they leave so often I ended becoming the official fish feeder–and I was very diligent! Morning and night! Or at least I thought so until one morning I went up and one of them was just chilling in the corner–DEAD! Ah! So I made sure I was EXTRA diligent taking care of other Mr. Goldfish, but we had the same thing happen again. Don’t worry, Sister Alborn told me that they were both on the verge of dying anyway and she was surprised they were even living still. (: Very tragic I know.


And THEN on my 18th Click day cute Mogi made the BEST lasagna EVER!!! Love her!




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