“The House of Harrison…….


Justin’s baptism!!



…shall be gathered together in the last days!”

That was Elder Dela Pena’s reaction to Sister Bangerter’s transfer call–she’s going to serve in Jewel Lake with…Sister Thacker!! Ah! My two little kiddo’s are going to serve together! Crazy, crazy!

And my transfer call…I’m going to Nome!! Can’t wait!

This week has been CRAZY. But so fun. Because of our transfer calls, we had a lot of people to say goodbye to, so we ended up with every dinner AND lunch full. I’ve never been so stuffed in my life. (: Worth it! I really don’t know how to explain how each goodbye went, but it was so fun and cool to feel how much LOVE I have for each of them. I’m going to miss them!!!

I also saw so many tender mercies with everything working out JUST right so we could see everyone we wanted you and have just enough time to squeeze everyone in. Even down to the silly details, like finishing my journal right at the same time I’m wrapping up here, God knows what little things matter to me and has been so abundant with them. (:

Justin also had his baptism on Saturday! It was great to attend and I’m so excited to see where his life goes from here! He texted us the next day and said he was still feeling SO good. Happy, happy. (:

Oh, so Elder Hamilton just reminded me, HE’S going to Nome, and apparently I’m going Home. Whoops.

I think I’m a little bit in shock and denial.

Well. This is it friends. To say I’m SO GRATEFUL for my mission doesn’t even BEGIN to cover how much gratitude and love I have for my journey in Alaska, and especially these people here. Getting to watch them grow and change has had the biggest impact on me.

I wish I could actually SAY all the changes I’ve seen on my mission, but I think what I’ve learned the most is that our character’s are built and changed one day at a time as we make ‘consistent, correct choices’ every day. And those choices are all in the little things. Repenting daily, and quickly. Praying ALWAYS about anything and everything. Taking time for scripture reading and meditation–being still and knowing God. Choosing to be grateful and smile when murmuring and giving up would be easier. Doing one more hard thing each day–whether that be knocking on a door or helping your companion when your struggling yourself. Being sensitive to those little, quiet whispers in your heart that lead you perfectly. And each of those things slowly builds and molds your character to be more like the Savior. I definitely feel like I’ve been molded and shaped to be more like Him, but since I can’t SAY every exact moment, I hope you can SEE the effect they’ve had. In fact, expect it from me, and please keep helping me on my path to perfection, like you’ve done SO well the past 18 months.

Love you so much, and I’ll see ya soon.

All my love,


Sister Harrison


Moses’ and Kane’s!

P1070944Funeral dinner with the Dennis’s

Sister Ross


I love the Christensen’s

P1070922 P1070906


P1070905 P1070903



Sister Mike at church!! (Bro Davis photobomb)

P1070870 P1070850

Cute snowflakes!


Dinner at Arctic Roadrunner with the Peterson’s! Love them!


Lunch with the Alborns


Benihana’s with the Willis’!!

P1070845 P1070831

I love Sister Ramos!





Apparently I’m actually leaving…


Mormon.org with the District!


Elder Dela Pena made us all DELISH Philippino food for District Lunch!


P-day adventure!

P1070759 P1070756 P1070749

So gorgeous!

P1070736 P1070732 P1070730 P1070728

Walkin’ on water!


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