Hey friends.

Yep, this is your typical mission blog, with catchy slogans like, “Follow Ali’s Alaska Adventure” and good stuff like that.

Honestly, it’s really a shot in the dark to guess what my blog posts will be like during the next year and a half. Whatever does end up here though, I hope that when you walk or click away, you’ll feel even a smidge happier. After all, we are that we might have joy, right?

Even though I don’t know exactly what I’ll end up writing about, I can guess a few details that will show up that you might want to know a bit more about.

My Family. These guys are the coolest people on the face of the planet, and you should all think the same.

Haylee–She’s always been my best buddy. As of today she’s a 16 year old Junior at Timpview High School. She plays basketball like a BOSS. But most importantly she’s so fun to be around and always helps me out with all my silly problems.

Brigham–This boy is every ladies dream come true. He’s 14 and starting his high school adventure as a Fresh Man (yes, that’s purposely spelled that way) at Timpview. He’s quarterback, state champion swimmer and the most humble kid around. He’ll make breakfast for the whole family most days as well as clean the house and babysit the younger siblings. The phrase, “What would Brigham do?” is starting to catch on everywhere.

Jacob–If I could be as happy as this guy, I would explode of happiness. He’s the goofiest, happiest 10 year old I know, with a laugh that makes you want to join in. If you ever have the chance to witness his slick dance moves, or belting pipes, consider yourself blessed for life. Also, don’t ever get in a contest to test your NBA knowledge against him. You wouldn’t stand a chance.

Brinley–I sometimes get confused whether I’m the 19 year old, or she is. Brinster is one of the most strong willed people I know, and will beat you everytime in an argument. Whether that’s because she’s so smart, or is just a charmer I’ll leave up to you. I’ll sure miss her advice which is just as top notch as any of my friends around.

Mom and Dad–Anything I could write here wouldn’t be able to describe how wonderful these two are, or how much they’ve done for me. With a Dad who will drop anything to help me out with whatever I need, and a Mom who’s constantly finding ways to serve us even more, I’m spoiled rotten.

The Gospel. This is my number one in life, and the whole reason I’m going on a mission and making this blog in the first place. I can’t wait to share the thing that makes me happiest with my Alaskians. For more info, check out lds.org. (:

My Life. Imagine that, I’ll probably talk about stuff that’s happened to me before! So quick summary:

I lived in Orem for 7 years, North Carolina for 2, then eventually ended up in Provo where I went to Timpview High School. While there I swam, ran, sang, danced, and lots of other stuff that eventually helped me get into BYU. I just finished my Freshman year there, and spent the summer before my mish living at Glenwood.

Based on that, you should be able to piece together where any stories I may tell fit in. Hopefully.


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