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Mission Home Address:

My Mission Pres said to tell everyone to “mail all letters and ship all packages to the Mission Office address via US Postal Service. USPS will forward all mail/packages without charge, whereas UPS and FedEx will not so you would have to wait until someone from the mission could bring it to you if you are away from Anchorage”. Basically, USPS just became your favorite mail service.

Sister Ali Harrison
Alaska Anchorage Mission
3250 Strawberry Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99502-3108

Area Address: Of course if you’re feeling rebellious, I’ll have my fam post my actual factual address, and then you can feel free to use whatever mail service suits your fancy.

CURRENT ADDRESS (until next transfer only).:

Sister Harrison
PO BOX 2516
SITKA, AK  99835

Email Address: When my Mission President called me, he told me that even though email’s allowed with anyone now, he prefers to see his missionaries dancing around squealing with excitement over actual letters. But, there’s also this thing called life that happens to all of us, so I’ll totally take emails too. (:


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