We Get Light Back!









And Gorgeous sunset/rise…not sure which one. 🙂

Best news of the week–WE GET LIGHT BACK! Yep, we made it to December 21st, the winter solstice, so we’re going to be getting 5-9 (no one seems to be able to agree on exactly how much) minutes of sunlight back EVERY DAY. Yep folks, we’re getting ready to walk in the light. That day was also my ‘Sweet Sixteen’ which is so super weird. But hey, things just get brighter from here!

Alright, thanks for putting up with my cheesiness. (: I LOVE Christmas time on a mission and am SO grateful I got two. People are so receptive and there’s so many extra things you can do to help people feel loved–caroling, treats, He is the Gift cards, all of it. And just the extra little bit of God’s love you feel. “There’s a little bit of Heaven everywhere!”.

We got to go help out at a Salvation Army ‘Blessing’ project. People could go ‘shopping’ to get a toy or two for their kiddos, as well as some food and then all of us missionaries were there to help carry their stuff to their cars. It was so fun and we got to meet so many people.

Sister Bangerter got sick one day, so I got to make those cookies you sent Mom and we took them to people that night! I love having an excuse to randomly serve.

Had a great lesson with Jack! He’s SO superb. Thanks for keeping him in your prayers!!

That pretty much covers the highlights of the week. And then of course in between all that there’s the tough moments, the tired moments, the lessons that cancel, and all that stuff that isn’t always the most fun to muddle through, and yet, all of those moments are such a big part of my mission too. It’s usually during those times I feel God’s love most, probably because I start praying more earnestly and fully for a little bit more love, or strength, or peace, or patience. And it comes, just a little bit at a time, just enough to keep me going, but also little enough to keep me reliant on Christ. I’m SO grateful for Him and the help I receive ALL THE TIME. I could NOT do this without Him and will always be so grateful for the trust and faith I’m developing. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love you!

Sister Harrison

P1070301The Olson’s!


One wild, crazy adventurous week!





Had a grand old time shopping with some of our district elders last Monday. So random shopping with Elders of all people, but super fun too!



We finally got all of us in with the giant Christmas tree!



Goodbye to Sister Thacker!! (with Yoda of course)




Baby Christmas pickle! So Cute!

Wow, this week has been one wild, crazy adventure! For the most part we just did adjusting stuff. Learning how to text on our phone, how to do missionary work, all that good stuff. 🙂 It’s been a little tough for me to have to slow down so much when I just want to go full speed ahead, but God knows the desires of our hearts and we were SO blessed!


We went ‘Referral Finding’ at this one area I’ve been wanting to go to for a while and the first door we found a member who’s lived here for four years but has been to scared to call and find the church! She’s getting surgery next week, so we’re going to help her get a blessing! Miracle! We also got to teach basically the whole Restoration to a guy named Peter. He didn’t really want to learn more, but it was cool to get to share so much truth with him! It’s so odd to me but I am really starting to LOVE tracting! So weird!!


Sunday was fantastic! We had SO many people come, including the cutest potential investigator family–bah! Love them! We also found out one of our other potentials had read 300 pages of the Book of Mormon and has LOTS of questions for us. Whoo! We also had an investigator come who’s super spotty. He came late so no one was sitting by him. I was praying and trying to figure out who we could send over, when all of the sudden one of our less-active members we’ve been working with came in, and chose to sat by him! Awesome! And later the investigator called and said he wants to make this his religion! Sweet! Of course then he told us he’s moving to Hawaii at the end of the month, but still we helped! 🙂


So yeah, miracles happening left and right, changes all around, and sharing He is the Gift with everyone and their dog! It was great! Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season!


Love, Sister Harrison 


Trainer-Trainee pics!

P1070251 P1070263 P1070264 P1070269 P1070271

Sister Hart’s lineage!


Good bye to my buddies!



More goodbyesP1070288

I was so proud of these planners I made! The one on the left is mine, and the one on the right is Sis B’s.


Pretty AK!



Greenie dinner!





Our cute district!




Guys, guys, guys, guys, GUYS! And girls. This week has been SO incredible!


First off–TRANSFER calls! Sister Thacker is heading over to Jewel Lake to serve with Sister Honey. It’s been SO cool to watch and help her grow her first three months, and  see the transformation and I’m grateful she’ll still be in Anchorage so we can still see each other and she can come to JACK’S BAPTISM!! And yes, I will be staying, and probably for my next two transfers! Not sure who my companion is yet, but she gets here today so I’ll send pics and details next week! Super crazy knowing where I’ll finish a transfer in advance, but I’m really excited to finish in this ward because there’re some INCREDIBLE things happening.


First–JACK’S getting baptized! He’s so excited for it and so incredible. He’s SO in tune with the spirit and is SO happy. He even bore a little testimony at the ward Christmas party! So cool to watch and be a part of the atonement working to change someone’s life. 🙂 Pray for him!!


My other favorite miracle was probably Rick Ford. Sister T and I were both having an off day and just did not feel motivated to do anything and no one felt right to try to see. So we pulled over and said a prayer. When I looked up we saw a guy sweeping snow off the sidewalk. That looked kind of odd so I thought we could go ask him what he was doing. So we asked and it turned out he was ALSO having an unmotivated day and was stalling work, so we had a GREAT conversation that ended up with him wanting a Book of Mormon. Oh my, it was one of the happiest street contacting moments. I love tender mercies like that. Such good testimony builders and more motivational than anything else. 🙂


The Christmas party was fantastic! We had so many people come and the spirit was so warm and welcoming. 🙂


Last miracle–two/three weeks ago we met with Justin, the one who it turned out he’d almost gotten baptized before. Well, he’s read the book of Mormon EVERYDAY since then  and came to CHURCH yesterday to talk with BISHOP because he wants to be BAPTIZED!!! He’s incredible and he said it all started that night we met with him!! He’s not technically in our area, but we’re so happy to help in any way we can!


Okay, I’m out of time, but I hope you have the best week ever and feel the wonderful spirit of Christ that’s in abundance everywhere at this time–and then go share it!!!


Love, Sister Harrison




P1070196 - Copy

I was so proud I parked in the lines, even when it was covered in snow!



Our ward Christmas party!






Thanksgiving and transfers around the corner

We were SO blessed this week and I hope this little email can give you a glimpse of some of the miracles we saw, and maybe even give you a tiny feel of what each one meant to me.

Tuesday night we felt like we really needed to go deliver a little pie to a less-active. When we got there, we realized she was a DNC-do not contact. We decided to drop it off anyway, and then hid around the corner of the building. While we were waiting to hear the door open, we saw a man smoking, and figured we could say hello. We did, and it turned out his whole family are members! He just hasn’t gotten baptized because he wants to make sure he could be really commited before making the decision. Well, we ended up having a WONDERFUL conversation about the atonement and how he’s more prepared than we realize. There were little tears in his eyes and the spirit was SO strong. Such a cool experience.

Wednesday was Zone Conference and Soldotna zone came up too, so I got to see so many of my buddies! That night we had a lesson with one of our favorite less-actives in the home of one of our favorite members. AND the less-active brought her boyfriend. Before we shared our thought, we asked him if he knew anything about the church. My jaw DROPPED when he said he’d gone to seminary all four years of high school and almost got baptized and went on a mission. Oh my. SO COOL. And our members rocked it. They invited them over for FHE AND challenged him to read the Book of Mormon. SO cool. Also, sneak peek–she ended up coming to church on Sunday!!

Thanksgiving!! Oh, where do I start?? We went to five dinners and saw a bunch of other people in between. Got to help so many people and were SO happy. Found some cool potential investigators, and got to have a lesson with the DNC less-active from earlier! Miracles and blessings left and right! Thanksgiving JUST might tie Fourth of July on my mission. SO GOOD.

Friday was exchanges! Had a really cool lesson with one lady. I’ve run into SO many people on my mission who open up and vent about EVERYTHING hard going on in life. It’s a bit draining, so this time we had her write down a list of all her worries and troubles and people she’s concernced about, and even added a few of our own, and then we had her pray for all of those things. It was about a ten minute long prayer, but this time she was talking about all of her frustrations to God, who can help much more than us! It was really neat. And, I just love Sister Morrison, so it was great. (:

Saturday we got to meet with Jack again–our incredible investigator from a few weeks before. It’s crazy how much he reminds me of my buddy Justin Gallo! He’s so awesome and is one of the most invested investigators I’ve taught. Which always works so much better. He came to church the next day and loved it. Happy, happy. (:

Well kids, transfer calls this week, and the ward Christmas party. Happy birthday Dad! I’ll be celebrating with you via the ward party! Convenient, huh?

Love you all lots and hope you have a fantastic week! Remember to check out christmas.mormon.org and share the video, light, and happiness of this season with everyone!


Anchorage North


Anchorage North Zone conference


Thanksgiving District Lunch










So…everything was going great, and the Turnagain Ward elders got the chicken and everything. Then we got there the day of–someone had stolen our chicken!! We were so sad and disappointed, and you know me with my high expectations, I was pretty bummed. THEN, the Elder who’s birthday that we did this all for LEFT! I was so sad!

Well…finally a bit later him and his comp came back–WITH CHICKEN! Haha, I know cheesiest story, but it meant SOO much to me! And having people support me in my silly excited ideas–oh man, seriously made my day.

And thanks mom for sending the rest. It was SUPER delicious! 🙂






We ate dinner at City Diner–Sister Thacker’s been wanting to go forever! And some random guy wanted to photobomb. Party



Brother Feltner’s leaving for three weeks, right during transfers, so we had to take a pic just in case! yes, we’re all goofs.



I carved the Turkey!! Whoo!


Cute Kiana Peterson and Bishop Photobombing.



Last dinner for the day on Thanksgiving!

Got to go to five, but luckily only had to eat at two!



Exchanges with Sis Morrison! This lady we taught has a HUGE table covered in candy and she makes you fill up a GALLON sized bag with some of EVERTYHING. Whew!






Huge Gingerbread city!

We’re supposed to pass out 10 ‘He is the Gift’ cards each day, so we heard about this and thought that might be a good place to find people excited about Christmas. Well, there weren’t a ton of people, but we met the maker, Joe Hickle and he was awesome! He gave us a piece of a fence to eat and once we talked about Christ, he was so excited and gave all the credit for what he was doing to God. Super cool! And well, just look at it! It’s all made out of candy somehow or other!







Sister Harrison


God is CONSTANTLY pouring out blessings on us!




Whew, this week was one of the most hard, blessed weeks ever! Yep, those things always seem to go hand in hand. We had a pretty tough week, but we were able to laugh a lot and even though the lessons weren’t high, we were able to have some really good conversations with people that we think helped them a lot.

My favorite day was our Miracle Sunday!  We had an awesome dinner with some members who invited their non-member friend. We were able to teach about the Book of Mormon and invited him to read it and he agreed! Seriously, teaching people about the gospel just works SO much better when it’s member inviting their friends.

We then were able to see two less-actives that we’d been wanting to see for a while. We were so happy and compared to the rest of the week, we felt like we’d been able to accomplish a lot. We joked that we could pretty much go home right now cuz we’d had a nice successful day already! WEll, it was still 7:50, so we of course kept going, but figured we’d already seen our ‘allotted blessings’ for the day. WRONG! We went to visit a less-active we still haven’t been able to meet, and as we were walking in we realized we might have had the wrong apartment number this whole time. We decided to try anyway. We ended up finding Samantha who had just found out that day that her mom is probably going to be passing away soon from cancer, so we asked if we could come in and share a message with her. She was super open to everything we said and even mentioned that she just feels kind of lost and isn’t quite sure what her point here on earth is. She welcomed us back anytime, so we’re very excited to continue to help her. It was a GREAT tender mercy and I’m so grateful for it. (: Once again, God is CONSTANTLY pouring out blessings on us. (:

Sorry for the short email, but I’m almost out of time! I love you lots and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’m so grateful for YOU!

Love Sister Harrison

PS On a great side note, the weather’s been in the 20’s or up ALL week, and still no snow. From what I’ve heard, that’s a lot better than the lower 48. Crazy weather!


God will send blessings!


This was the gorgeous sunrise on Hay’s b-day!!

Highlight rundown for the week:

Monday–We felt prompted to stop by the home of one of our less-actives and it turns out they’d had some not so great things happen the night before, and were kind of scared to even open the door (it’s always fun to have people look super relieved when they see you on the doorstep), but luckily we were able to pray with them and help them right when they needed it.

Tuesday–FINALLY got to meet with one of our investigators again! Had a pretty good lesson and she was able to connect really well with the member, which is sometimes the most important thing.

Wednesday–We had six lessons! Yay! Including one to plan the WARD CHRISTMAS PARTY! We’re teaming up with Sis Willis to plan it all. We were talking about it in Ward Council and her and I both caught the vision for it, so I told her all my ideas, and she’s the executor. Man, I sure miss planning parties! And this one’s going to be SO wonderful. Our Bishop is incredible and works with homeless people, so for Christmas we’re going to serve Christ by serving the homeless. We’re going to have a Christmas dinner and performance for these wonderful people and let them have the Christmas Party we would want to have for us. And if you want some more convincing of what a wonderful idea this is, go read ‘Are We Not All Beggars’ by Jeffrey R. Holland, especially the last paragraph. I’m so excited and grateful for this opportunity!

Thursday–Haylee’s B-day! Thought of you as much as I could, until I got home that night and forgot to have the members we ate dinner with send you a happy birthday thing! Luckily the members we live with were still awake and willing to help. I hope it was the best birthday EVER!

Friday–We had a very nice man named Michael ask if we wanted a kitty because it would look so cute with both of us. When he brought it out it was probably the fattest cat I’ve ever seen. If you’ve been wanting a cat, we told him we’d help him find a home for it.

Saturday– Today was really good. We were able to have a lot of good, meaningful conversations with a lot of our less-actives, and a really good lesson with one of our favorite funny couples (the ones that Sister Thacker threw up at…did I tell you that story??). Also got to eat dinner with a family that has two really active youth, but the parents aren’t. We invited them to have family prayer and scripture reading everyday, and they said yes if their daughter reminded them everyday. We’ve heard from her since then and they’ve been doing it!! And then Stake Conference!

Sunday–Because of Stake Conference everyone assumed we didn’t have ward council, so it was just us, the Elders, Bishop and his 1st Counselor. Which ended up being a good blessing in disguise because we were able to come up with a good system for fellowshipping, instead of asking the same questions every time–who needs a ride to church, who can they have family home evening with, etc. Then we had Stake Conference and we sat there for an hour saving seats for our investigators…and by the time it started, no one had come. 😦 Finally one of them said they were there, so even though it took a bit of coaxing, and we said a few words I wouldn’t normally say in a church because he was so nervous to go in, he made it! Mom, the whole time we were waiting for them, I was holding onto your ‘Key of Happiness’ and it kept me going! 🙂 Thank you!

Later that day, we had the thought to stop by a less-active’s home. Turned out, her son needed a blessing, so we said we’d make a few calls and come again after dinner.

Dinner was fantastic–we walked in and the first thing she said was, “I have cookies I’m making that I need you to take to my non-member friend after dinner”. We didn’t have to ask who they’ve been wanting to share the gospel with, or tell them how important it is, but she ALREADY knew who she wanted to help and how. Now THAT is probably the best kind of dinner ANY member can give a missionary. The food was also delicious too. 🙂

Anyway, we found someone to come give her a blessing so we went and waited. Then to our surprise, THREE priesthood holders came driving up, with Bishop being one of them! I really can’t describe how incredible everything was that happened next, but we all went in for the blessing, which was perfect for her and her son. Then, we got to meet her husband, brother-in-law and best friend, and they all said they’d like to learn more, so we set up an appointment for tomorrow!! PLEASE pray it goes well! THEN, as we were leaving there was somebody trying to jump start their car out front, so our priesthood holders went over and basically just touched it and it started! They were amazed and so grateful and gave us their number so we can come teach them! We found like five new people to teach, all because of ONE little prompting to stop by some ones house! It was a wonderful reminder that God will send blessings. I’m SO grateful for this experience, because things like that don’t always happen. But this did. And I’m so SO grateful. 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you!

Sister Harrison

P1070103Cutest thing ever!  🙂 The “key of happiness”

Little Free Library ought to have a Book of Mormon, right?


Dinner with the Dennis’!! We love them!!


We love making progress records!!!!


Fam Bam! Hello!

We had a super week! Well, at least better than last week! (: I’ll try and squeeze in the highlights!

The weather has been FANTASTIC! That’s probably the biggest miracle. It’s November and since that one time there’s been no snow! Even today it’s just in the 40’s! And it’s great because each day we wake up expecting snow, so when it does come it won’t be a disappointment, but for now, it’s just a blessing to have each day so beautiful and warm! Very opposite of last winter. (:

We had a GREAT time doing family history with our two recent converts. The one was able to find a WHOLE bunch of her family members, all ripe and ready for baptism! The other has been SO excited to print her sons name out so she can have the work done for him this coming Tuesday, and we were able to help her get it all ready to go! It feels SO good to sit down and really help people have eternal salvation. I’ve definitely learned the joy of family history lately. Still trying to figure out how I can do it for our family since  a lot of the work has been done already and I get super confused, but getting to help people who haven’t had any of it done–it’s a JOY!

Tuesday night we had a super intense ward correlation. I’m not sure how to explain it, but there was just this intense feeling about the work that we can do in this ward. It took us a bit of time to sort how we were feeling out afterwards, but it left us motivated!

We got to eat dinner at Golden Corral with the most ADORABLE returning member!  And we had a super awesome waiter who loved us and so we all invited him to church! He didn’t come, but it was so fun to see our member SO excited and happy to be sharing the gospel. 🙂

We also got the best text of our LIFE!! We heard a lady singing next door to one of our less-actives we were trying to visit a couple weeks ago and knocked and told her we loved the way she sounded. We gave her our card and to text us if she ever wanted happy inspirational thoughts. Well, she texted us and said she’d like them! And then a couple days later said she wanted to meet with us! She’s checking her schedule and is going to let us know a good time we can meet! We know she felt the spirit and it’s working in her to prompt her to contact us! So much singing and dancing with these little texts. (:

Just last night we had another HUGE miracle. Whitewashing the area was a little tough on some families and there was one family in particular. She was baptized a year ago and loves the gospel, but her husband was really against the missionaries coming. Sister Lind and Sister Watts were able to break the ice and be allowed in their home, but once they left, he changed his mind. Well, best news ever, last night Sister Kiliona texted us and said that her husband said we could come!! He hasn’t even met us so I’m hoping it’s more for spiritual reasons and the decision will be more lasting. But hey, we’ll take even a visit! Our prayers are being answered and his heart is softening!

Last miracle I have time for–Bishop works a lot with the homeless. It’s so cool. So he called us as personal study was ending the other day and said he had a friend on the phone who wanted to hear some truths. So we taught her that God loves her, no matter what. We heard a noise on the other end of the phone and then Bishop started talking again and said that she’d fallen to her knees in tears. He called us later and said that her main question was, “How did she know?”. How did I know what she needed to hear right then? Because I am a representative of Jesus Christ and have been set apart to teach his gospel with POWER and AUTHORITY. It’s REAL and can change lives, even with a simple truth.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week and I love you SO much!

Love, Sister Harrison

through small and simple things GREAT things WILL be brought to pass!



Happy Halloween!


Mom, the tights were a HIT! 🙂

Oh my, what a crazy week! Kind of tough, but you gotta have the hard weeks to more fully recognize the blessings! We had a lot of cancellations, so that was a little rough, but we kept pushing on!

Tuesday was crazy with transfers! I’ve never been serving in Anchorage for it before so they had to use our help a lot more, picking up people, housing people, and cooking dinner for the departing missionaries . Crazy!

Then the rest of the week we mostly were just able to be friends with each other and laugh through each cancelled appointment, especially the day where all six lessons cancelled, and we were able to see cool tender mercies where we were really able to help people. We didn’t have quantity, but we had quality. Listed to a less-active pray for an hour and a half. So interesting listening to those deep desires of a stranger. Helped teach a 14 year old boy why reading the Book of Mormon matters. Got to help some people feel super awesome about just going out to dinner with each other. And of course, read even more of the Book of Mormon and feel the power and peace that brings into our lives.

Sorry this is short, but there are miracles everywhere. My main message from Heavenly Father this week was about through small and simple things GREAT things WILL be brought to pass!Just smile and love people, and that will bring miracles. 🙂

Love you! Sister Harrison


LIFESIZE Book of Mormon!


And I met Pikachu!


And my fav…Captain America!



Transfers and the Book of Mormon challenge!


Got to help set up for Trick or Treat Town!


Super cute fundraiser they do for the Boys and Girls club here!


Well kids, it’s already that time again–TRANSFERS! But don’t worry–we’re both staying! Like we assumed we would, but still, in case you were wondering, you get to hear about six more weeks of adventures in the Inlet View Ward!


Alright, so I don’t have quite as many cool stories as last week, but I do have one overall super cool one that lasted all week–and hopefully will keep going! There’s a part in PMG that talks about praying to have a great vision of how to use the Book of Mormon in your area, and well, that sounds like a pretty good idea, so I did it! And we’ve gotten the coolest answers ever!


The Bishopric issued a challenge before we got here to read the Book of Mormon everyday up until Christmas. I mean how cool, finishing the Book of Mormon on Christmas Day? Yep, brilliant. Well, each Sunday we’ve been discussing how we can get more people involved in it, and it finally hit me that DUH, we should help out! We’re constantly seeing the members and talking to them with dinners and everything, so why not make that our main spiritual thought every time? So we did, and it’s been WONDERFUL.


Ever lesson we had this week except like 3 was all about the Book of Mormon and inviting them to join in on the challenge. Depending on who it was and what we felt they needed, we’d talk about how important it is, or we’d start reading with them, or ask them what they’d learned from their reading and we’d usually share something that we’d learned that morning from our reading as well. And guys, the spirit in our lessons has been INCREDIBLE! Every single one has been wonderful and the people in our area, less-active and active are feeling excited about reading the Book of Mormon!


The coolest thing behind all of this are the blessings that are going to come. Our mission has really worked on active member lessons and helping people share the gospel with their friends, and we’ve had some success stories, but it still hasn’t taken off the way we’d hoped. Well, the reason our Bishopric is pushing this so much is because of a quote that goes something like this, “We try and raise sacrament attendance numbers and baptism numbers, but if every member reads the Book of Mormon, those numbers will go up automatically”. Basically, as the members experience greater conversion, sharing the gospel will come naturally.


All in all, it’s a very exciting time here and we can’t wait to see what else comes! And I hope if anything this helps get all of you excited about reading the Book of Mormon too! I love that book to death and love receiving insights and revelation from it everyday and KNOW reading it everyday is one of the best spiritual life lines we can hold onto. (:


Alrighty, well, I love you all, hope you have a great week, and that you are able to be super HAPPY this week. I read a talk today that mentioned that Satan’s whole objective is to make us miserable, which sounds quite the opposite of happiness to me. So I hope you can beat him off and choose to be HAPPY, cuz that’s the whole reason we’re here!




Sister Harrison

We got WEBBED!


So, the Elders have this little toy Yoda they keep in their truck, and when we got here we heard it was tradition for the sisters to steal said Yoda. Well, after going back and forth a bit, we finally got him back–but the Elders are a little to creative. After church, we got to our car and found THIS with Yoda gone. Craziest part? I MADE SURE I LOCKED THE CAR. So, if anyone has any good ideas on how to get them back, we’re totally open for it, by all means. 🙂


Crazy, busy week……..and SNOW!



Yes, it really is snow! 🙂

We had a crazy busy week, and it feels so good to be exhausted from working so hard!! And I finally took some time to write a good solid email, so hope you enjoy! (:

Monday we got a new investigator who just moved here from Fairbanks!

Tuesday we got to go to Baptisms in the temple for the first time with a recent convert!! Seriously, it was one of the coolest experiences ever. She said that she felt SO familiar being there and was SO happy! It was also really cool because here I am spending this time of my life helping people come closer to Christ, and often trying to do that through baptism, and here baptisms were happening right and left! It strengthened my testimony that 1-fam history work seriously is a HUGE part of the work of salvation and 2-God really has this whole thing figured out. He can whip out baptisms all day long if he wants, but he let’s us have the chance to help him so that we can learn and grow while we forget ourselves and try to help others find happiness. And I definitely feel like I’ve been learning SO much my whole mission. And it really is life changing. Life changing in who I am, but also life changing in how the rest of my life is going to go. I’ve seen a lot of things I NEVER want to do, but a ton of things I want to make sure I always, ALWAYS do the rest of my life. And staying close to God and trusting in Him and Jesus Christ is number one on that list.

Wednesday went on some awesome exchanges with Sis Morrison! Oh man, I sure love that Sister to death, and we had a PARTAY! We worked so hard and how so much fun while doing it. She served here in January so we were able to go reconnect with a bunch of people we haven’t been able to yet. Miracle! Mostly it was wonderful being around Sister Morrison because she’s incredible and such a good buddy of mine now, and I love her example! Also, cool story: during personal study I was reading in Helaman and had one verse stand out in particular so spent like 10 minutes studying it, and didn’t think anything about it. Well, that night we went to visit this adorable lady and she asked the perfect question for the answer I’d found earlier in my studies! Of course I had no idea at the time that I was going to be able to help her, but God prepared me to help! Seriously, read your scriptures everyday. It WILL bless you and the people around you. And if you don’t believe me, GO START! Best way to test it out. (:

Thursday I got an AWESOME PACKAGE!! Thanks so much Mom! It was the BEST EVER!! So excited! And I know my district is going to LOVE the treats!

Friday we had our all time high of six lessons in one day! Whoo!

Saturday we had an awesome chili cook off where we met a bunch of people including a potential investigator who seemed pretty interested! Seriously, you know how much I love social things like taht, so we got to work it and talk to a BUNCH of people and get to know them all! Yay! We didn’t even get to eat Chilli we were workin so hard–always a good feeling! (Don’t worry Mom, we still ate food later. 🙂 We also had TWO investigators come! It was really cool because one of those investigators was a referall from a returning member we’re working with, and let’s just say this investigator doesn’t like coming to church functions. But while we were visiting earlier the investigator called or returning member and so we were able to cheer her on in inviting her to come! And she came! It worked out great and I think she had a really good time! Love those tender mercies!

Sunday was a little rough because we were totally wiped out from our crazy week, but it ended on a superb note! We have this adorable little returning member we’re working with that I just love, and she is fighting SO HARD to come back right now!! She knows it’s true, but she will occasionally get these little doubts about things. She knows they’re not good, but she has such a hard time fighting them off! Well, this week there was one thing in particular that was bugging her, so when we went over we were able to clear it up nice and clearly, and she was SO HAPPY! And then MOM, we were able to give her those little cards you gave me about Staying Spiritually Confident and How to Gain a Testimony (or a stronger one!!) and she was so happy about it! It was a very happy ending to a happy, busy week.

I am SO tired and it feels SO good and I LOVE using all my time and energy and heart to help people!! I LOVE Heavenly Father and am SO grateful for all the strength He gives me to even do all these things and for the blessings he dumps down on us all day, every day.

Last but not least, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JAKERS!!!!! You’re turning TWELVE! Oh my, you get the PRIESTHOOD and can GO TO THE TEMPLE! Go, go, go all the time little man. It’s such a blessing to live so close and go all the time. And, you’ll get to receive Gods’ power to bless the lives of His children. I hope you enjoy the wonderful privilege and blessing you’ll receive! You’re going to be such a wonderful, handsome, happy deacon. LOVE YOU!

And love you all! Have a super week!

Love, Sister Harrison