God will send blessings!


This was the gorgeous sunrise on Hay’s b-day!!

Highlight rundown for the week:

Monday–We felt prompted to stop by the home of one of our less-actives and it turns out they’d had some not so great things happen the night before, and were kind of scared to even open the door (it’s always fun to have people look super relieved when they see you on the doorstep), but luckily we were able to pray with them and help them right when they needed it.

Tuesday–FINALLY got to meet with one of our investigators again! Had a pretty good lesson and she was able to connect really well with the member, which is sometimes the most important thing.

Wednesday–We had six lessons! Yay! Including one to plan the WARD CHRISTMAS PARTY! We’re teaming up with Sis Willis to plan it all. We were talking about it in Ward Council and her and I both caught the vision for it, so I told her all my ideas, and she’s the executor. Man, I sure miss planning parties! And this one’s going to be SO wonderful. Our Bishop is incredible and works with homeless people, so for Christmas we’re going to serve Christ by serving the homeless. We’re going to have a Christmas dinner and performance for these wonderful people and let them have the Christmas Party we would want to have for us. And if you want some more convincing of what a wonderful idea this is, go read ‘Are We Not All Beggars’ by Jeffrey R. Holland, especially the last paragraph. I’m so excited and grateful for this opportunity!

Thursday–Haylee’s B-day! Thought of you as much as I could, until I got home that night and forgot to have the members we ate dinner with send you a happy birthday thing! Luckily the members we live with were still awake and willing to help. I hope it was the best birthday EVER!

Friday–We had a very nice man named Michael ask if we wanted a kitty because it would look so cute with both of us. When he brought it out it was probably the fattest cat I’ve ever seen. If you’ve been wanting a cat, we told him we’d help him find a home for it.

Saturday– Today was really good. We were able to have a lot of good, meaningful conversations with a lot of our less-actives, and a really good lesson with one of our favorite funny couples (the ones that Sister Thacker threw up at…did I tell you that story??). Also got to eat dinner with a family that has two really active youth, but the parents aren’t. We invited them to have family prayer and scripture reading everyday, and they said yes if their daughter reminded them everyday. We’ve heard from her since then and they’ve been doing it!! And then Stake Conference!

Sunday–Because of Stake Conference everyone assumed we didn’t have ward council, so it was just us, the Elders, Bishop and his 1st Counselor. Which ended up being a good blessing in disguise because we were able to come up with a good system for fellowshipping, instead of asking the same questions every time–who needs a ride to church, who can they have family home evening with, etc. Then we had Stake Conference and we sat there for an hour saving seats for our investigators…and by the time it started, no one had come. 😦 Finally one of them said they were there, so even though it took a bit of coaxing, and we said a few words I wouldn’t normally say in a church because he was so nervous to go in, he made it! Mom, the whole time we were waiting for them, I was holding onto your ‘Key of Happiness’ and it kept me going! 🙂 Thank you!

Later that day, we had the thought to stop by a less-active’s home. Turned out, her son needed a blessing, so we said we’d make a few calls and come again after dinner.

Dinner was fantastic–we walked in and the first thing she said was, “I have cookies I’m making that I need you to take to my non-member friend after dinner”. We didn’t have to ask who they’ve been wanting to share the gospel with, or tell them how important it is, but she ALREADY knew who she wanted to help and how. Now THAT is probably the best kind of dinner ANY member can give a missionary. The food was also delicious too. 🙂

Anyway, we found someone to come give her a blessing so we went and waited. Then to our surprise, THREE priesthood holders came driving up, with Bishop being one of them! I really can’t describe how incredible everything was that happened next, but we all went in for the blessing, which was perfect for her and her son. Then, we got to meet her husband, brother-in-law and best friend, and they all said they’d like to learn more, so we set up an appointment for tomorrow!! PLEASE pray it goes well! THEN, as we were leaving there was somebody trying to jump start their car out front, so our priesthood holders went over and basically just touched it and it started! They were amazed and so grateful and gave us their number so we can come teach them! We found like five new people to teach, all because of ONE little prompting to stop by some ones house! It was a wonderful reminder that God will send blessings. I’m SO grateful for this experience, because things like that don’t always happen. But this did. And I’m so SO grateful. 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you!

Sister Harrison

P1070103Cutest thing ever!  🙂 The “key of happiness”

Little Free Library ought to have a Book of Mormon, right?


Dinner with the Dennis’!! We love them!!


We love making progress records!!!!


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